Dance With Me: Students will learn basic ballet and creative movement in a fun 30 minute class. *A parent or guardian must be present in class for student participation. Princess Ballerinas: 45 minute ballet class that uses monthly themes to create a fun and exciting environment to inspire learning. At the end of each theme there will be a parent showing.
Mini Combo: 30 minutes ballet, 30 minutes tap. Students will learn basic ballet/creative movement and tap skills in an hour long class through center and across the floor exercises and choreography.
Mini Tumbling: Students will work on basic tumbling skills such as forward and backward somersaults, handstands, cartwheels, etc in a 30 minute class. *No recital.
Mini Jazz/Dance Adventures: 45 minute class that will work on dance technique and jazz/hip hop style choreography. This class will feature monthly themes and a sticker chart to mark mastered skills.
Ballet/Tap Combo: 30 minutes ballet, 30 minutes tap. Students will work on mastering old skills while working towards new skills. Dancers will perform exercises at the barre, center, or across the floor as well as learn and perform choreography combinations.
Pom/Jazz: This is a mixed style class that offers both jazz and pom technique. Students will work on jazz elements such as turns, kicks, and leaps as well as pom motions, jumps, stunts, etc. In addition to technique, dancers will learn pom and/or jazz style choreography in an energized, upbeat setting.
Ballet: Using a traditional method of training, students will learn and improve their ballet skills through the use of barre, center, and across the floor exercises. This class will create a foundation of strength, balance, and coordination that is helpful in all styles of dance.
Jazz: Students will work on jazz technique and choreography in a lively, fast paced environment. They will build stamina, confidence, and strength through center exercises, across the floor exercises, and choreography combinations.
Tap: With the use of specialized shoes, students will create sounds and rhythms with their feet. Dancers will work towards learning more advanced sounds and steps while building speed, fluency, and correct sounds/ timing.
Hip Hop: A fun, upbeat class working on hip hop style exercises and choreography. Students will learn different styles of hip hop movement while increasing their ability to move quickly and to different rhythms.
Contemporary/Lyrical: This is a slower paced class that focuses on the emotional connection between a dancer, the movement, and the music. Students will learn how to express themselves emotionally while maintaining proper dance technique.
Pointe: Pointe is an extension of ballet training that requires a high level of strength, coordination, balance, and proper technique to allow dancers to wear pointe shoes successfully. Students will work on foot, ankle, and leg strength while learning traditional pointe exercises at the barre, center, and across the floor. *Teacher approval only. **Dancer must be enrolled in ballet. Leaps, Turns, & Technique: Students will work on mastering dance technique skills such as pirouettes, a la secondes, grand battements, grand jetes, center leaps, and more. Dancers will increase their skill set, their ability to perform technique correctly, and also use these mastered skills in choreography/ other classes. *No Recital.
Tumbling/Acro: This class will work on teaching students basic tumbling and acrobatic skills such as forward and backward somersaults, handstands, cartwheels, front and back walkovers, aerials, and more.